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Hey, Relax, They’re Casual

Casual games? Forget that silly old name - we've found a new one! OMNI-GAMES! Coined by a new Scottish site - cobimobi - it's the work of Cobra Mobile, a company that previously only released games for your telephone. Now they are creating games that work on formats from the PC to the iPod, hence the grand name. There are two games so far, with…

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Chuzzle Saved My Family

A survey conducted by PopCap (those responsible for the excellent Bookworm Adventures and the AVERAGE Peggle) has learned that Casual Games will solve all the problems of the world, and cure all diseases. Or indeed that they help families bond. Which is rather lovely, really. The survey, conducted for PopCap by the Information Solutions Group, was the largest ever worldwide survey of casual computer game…

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