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Posts tagged “Catapult For Hire”

New Angle: Catapult For Hire Turns To Kickstarter

*Furiously bangs gavel on empty oil drum* Listen. You can go fishing with your catapult. I've been violently enthusing about Tyrone Henrie's Catapult For Hire since I first encountered it in October of 2011. The game has been in development for three and a half years, and the freelance protagonist faces many of the struggles that are familiar to a hard-working indie developer, balancing projects…

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Agent Of Angles: Catapult For Hire

It's been a long time since I checked in on Catapult For Hire, which looks to be one of the most promising hybrid games in development. With less buzz to its name or around it than a square-jawed space-toy or the cover star of various honey-based cereal loops, it's been on my radar for a good while but doesn't seem to have gained a great…

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The Boulder And The Brave: Catapult For Hire

It seems like years have passed since I played an early version of Catapult For Hire but the fond memories haven't faded. While it is an artillery game, this one stands out from the rest by containing a huge single player adventure with a varied series of tasks to complete. You'll use the catapult to destroy buildings, which break apart beautifully, you'll fight giant monsters,…

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Avaricious Artillery: Catapult For Hire

Are artillery games much-maligned? I feel like they are but that may just be because Angry Birds has become a weird cultural phenomenon, with plush toys sold in Next and all sorts of other madness. I almost accidentally won an Angry Bird toy at a fair. All of that means it's definitely popular enough that it must be sneered at. The sheer number of artillery…

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