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New Angle: Catapult For Hire Turns To Kickstarter

*Furiously bangs gavel on empty oil drum*

Listen. You can go fishing with your catapult. I’ve been violently enthusing about Tyrone Henrie’s Catapult For Hire since I first encountered it in October of 2011. The game has been in development for three and a half years, and the freelance protagonist faces many of the struggles that are familiar to a hard-working indie developer, balancing projects and financial matters. The prototype I played was joyous, a whimsical and superbly crafted blend of high adventure and physics-based destruction. The Kickstarter is aiming for $36,000 to allow Tyrone to devote all his energies to the game for the first time and if it doesn’t succeed, I will be moved to believe that people do not care for wonderful and strange creations. A video should convince you if I cannot.

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Agent Of Angles: Catapult For Hire

It’s been a long time since I checked in on Catapult For Hire, which looks to be one of the most promising hybrid games in development. With less buzz to its name or around it than a square-jawed space-toy or the cover star of various honey-based cereal loops, it’s been on my radar for a good while but doesn’t seem to have gained a great deal of media attention. That’s a shame because the blend of 3d artillery accuracy, an action-adventure structure and (newly added) movable vehicles all look to be exactly the sort of thing we should all be keeping at least one of our good eyes on. Take a look at the latest video, incorporating those vehicles, below.

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The Boulder And The Brave: Catapult For Hire

It seems like years have passed since I played an early version of Catapult For Hire but the fond memories haven’t faded. While it is an artillery game, this one stands out from the rest by containing a huge single player adventure with a varied series of tasks to complete. You’ll use the catapult to destroy buildings, which break apart beautifully, you’ll fight giant monsters, search for treasure and, occasionally, go fishing. It’s important to realise that all of these things are achieved using different ammo types. Rather than grabbing a fishing rod, you will shoot at the water to catch fish, working out the correct angle and power, and items can be collected using remote drones, which land, scoop up and are then steered back to the stash. There’s a full breakdown of the mechanics in the video below.

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Avaricious Artillery: Catapult For Hire

Blue skies are needed right now, for the North is dark and grim

Are artillery games much-maligned? I feel like they are but that may just be because Angry Birds has become a weird cultural phenomenon, with plush toys sold in Next and all sorts of other madness. I almost accidentally won an Angry Bird toy at a fair. All of that means it’s definitely popular enough that it must be sneered at. The sheer number of artillery games out there does make it hard to see what makes each one different, but Catapult For Hire doesn’t have that problem. It’s in 3d, with lovely art design, has a full campaign mode, side missions, fishing, loads of ammo types and objects that break apart in fancy physics-based ways, based on impact and projectile type. There’s a trailer below and more videos and information at the site.

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