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Miaow Miaow: FreeIndieGames’ All-Cat Spectacular

RIP, Terry's cat

I live in fear – true, cold, debilitating terror – of my cat dying, even though she’s surely got anywhere from 5 to 10 years still left on the clock. These strange, joyful, fearful, psychopathic creatures can achieve such a hold on our lives and affections. Maybe it’s just the toxoplasmosis speaking, but young Ripley’s chirruping presence in my house makes for a tangible improvement of my days. So I can offer the most enormous condolences and sympathy to Distractionware’s Terry Cavanagh, whose long-term pet Thomas P. Cat passed away last week. Terry has offered the greatest of tributes to his dearly departed Tom – by swamping his ever-vital blog with over 20 weird and wonderful cat-based games.
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