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Rogue Legacy 2 has begun its quest through early access

Well then, Rogue Legacy 2. It's time to pick up where your predecessor left off and start a new lineage of dungeon-diving kiddos - prettier than before, but still squarely focussed on tossing your descendants down the dungeons. After slightly missing its planned July launch, Cellar Door's sword-swinging sequel hit Steam early access today, a mere seven years after the first game.

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Rogue Legacy 2 delays its early access launch into August

I'm afraid Rogue Legacy 2 will be waiting a few more weeks before taking its place in the roguelike pantheon. Developers Cellar Door today announced that the procedural, generational dungeon-crawler needs a little more time to polish its armour, and won't be launching this month as planned. Instead, Rogue Legacy 2 will enter early access at the later date of August 18th - and promises…

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Rogue Legacy 2 leaps into early access in July

New generations of heroes will rise and fall when Rogue Legacy 2 launches into early access on July 23. The developers, Cellar Door say they expect a full launch in 2021 for the roguelite platformer, which is about conquering a randomly-generated castle across generations of lives by pumping upgrades into your family tree for your heirs. The original was good so yes, good. Come watch…

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Feature: Genealogical thinking

Rogue Legacy is still the most approachable roguelite of them all

I'm not going to tell you how dreadful I am at Rogue Legacy. If I did you'd never invite me to play with your group in the playground again. But I am going to tell you how much I still enjoy playing Rogue Legacy, despite seemingly having failed to improve at it over seven years of playing.With Rogue Legacy 2 possibly coming this summer, it…

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Rogue Legacy’s lineage will continue with a sequel

Forget dodging spikes or slaying foes - Rogue Legacy was a game about family. Specifically, training up your kids to be better dungeon-divers than you so they'd be ready to take up your mantle after an unfortunate spelunking accident. Fitting, then, that Rogue Legacy would establish its own legacy. Seven years after Rogue Legacy first picked up a sword, Rogue Legacy 2 is preparing to…

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Feature: You can take it with you

Persistence & Permadeath: progression in Spelunky, Into the Breach and roguelikes

Progression is so often an illusion. Many games use the idea of permanent progression as a way of tickling our lizard brains with a growing pile of loot or numbers which constantly tick up, so that we feel like we’re achieving something while we sit in front of a computer and repeat the same set of tasks over and over again.The beauty of permadeath is…

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Full Metal Furies out now from Rogue Legacy creators

The studio behind roguelikelike platformer Rogue Legacy today released their new game, the cooperative action-RPG beat 'em up Full Metal Furies. It's so into cooperation--in other local or online form for up to four players--that even the singleplayer option will let Nigel Nae-Pals swap between characters mid-fight for monster combos. Rogue Legacy is a goodun so ooh let's see about this.

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Feature: Talkin' 'bout my generations

Rogue Legacy review

My Rogue Legacy ends in defeat. I’m close to discovering all of the castle’s secrets and I’ve slain fearsome bosses, each taking me one step closer to victory, but my much-pruned family tree has been reduced to kindling. As I peeled my eyes from the window in which so many generations had perished, I vowed to remember my last and most valiant relation – a…

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Feature: Shinobis into a Hokage

Hands On: Rogue Legacy

It's foolish to try to predict a hit.I cannot imagine a world in which Rogue Legacy is not a hit.There's no question that Rogue Legacy owes a massive amount to Spelunky. But crucially, it's an evolution of the type of game, not a mimic, a festival of completely original ideas on top of a familiar roguelike platformer mechanic. In each new game a castle (and…

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I Need To Be Playing Rogue Legacy Right Now

My arrival to Rogue-likes was a late and timid one. I'm a wimp, and fear the ASCII. But games like Spelunky and Dungeons Of Dredmor are my happy place, so the sight of Rogue Legacy has me biting at the screen to get to play. A 2D procedurally generated platformer, packed with dangers of death, but this time should you die, you pass on your…

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