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Free Transfer: Pay What You Like For Champ Man

This is both impressive and - in the gaming space - unprecedented. In a move which echos Radiohead's honesty box for the download of In Rainbows, Beautiful Game studios have announced that from now until release, if you pre-order the game, you can pay what you like. There's a £2.50 transaction fee, but you can pay a penny on top of that and get the…

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The Winner Takes The Ball: Champ Manager Demo

Or we presume he does. I mean, RPS is far from an expert in the foot-to-ball competitionals, but you'd presume that the winner got something. Maybe it's a ball? That said, who'd want something that's been kicked around for the best part of an afternoon? We don't know. Maybe footballers. Oh, it's a mysterious world to us, like the outside. Anyway - those of you…

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