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Maths and Mechs: PC Games At UK Retail

The sad stare of a man who wishes he sold more copies in week 13

This strikes me as the kind of thing we should be doing weekly, as context is strength. While Chart-Track’s weekly list of the best-selling games in the UK doesn’t yet encompass digital sales – this is yer olde worlde boxed copies only – it does at least give a sense of what is selling to those brave souls who still venture outdoors, and perhaps more importantly we can look at the blatant holes. For instance, last week we had online-only indie game Fate of The World celebrating on Twitter that “we’re are in the top seller pages of each of our categories on Steam”, but obviously that’s not going to create even a ripple on the retail chart. Still, here is said retail chart. It’s an interesting beast. You’d better hold my hand, though. Where we’re going, we need maths.
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