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Batchat: On Arkham Kerniggut’s Strengths/Failings So Far

We didn’t have Batcode for Batman: Arkham Kerniggut [official site] until yesterday (perhaps because of issues with the PC version), so Adam’s full verdict is a little way off yet, but as both he and Alec have been playing it when they can, they had a chat about what’s working and not working in their experiences so far. Does the transforming, deathdealing Batmobile open up or limit the Batman simulation? Could the wonky voice-acting be deliberate? Can a mere human really hope to master all those combos? All these things and more are dicussed, but one thing that isn’t is the kerfuffle about performance problems in the PC version of the game. We wrote plenty about that yesterday, so wanted to concentrate on the game itself for this particular piece.

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RPS Chat-o-Think: Skyrim

Two pints of lager and a packet of those roast orc flavoured crisps, please

I recently played three hours of Skyrim, and decided in my madness that the best way to document this was with three random anecdotes. Of course, if you weren’t interested in hypocritical vegetarianism, obsessively playing with the zombie spell or trying to pull off stealth crafting, those might not have given you the overall flavour of the game you’re after. So, let Jim be your proxy interrogator about the wider nature and feel of the fifth Elder Scrolls – y’know, combat, openness, voice acting, exploration, all that jazz…

Jim: I suppose my initial question has to be: how good an open world do you think it is going to be? Open worlds are very much my favourite thing in games, but good ones are SO rare! What’s the feeling here?
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