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Cheese Dreams

Sometimes, you play a game you have no real vested interest in beyond simple curiosity/boredom. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes, regardless, you play it for just a little bit too long. And sometimes, games journalist or not, when you finally stop playing it you realise don’t really have any meaningful reaction to what you’ve experienced. “Yep, I just spent some time.” For me, that used to apply to coverdisc demos of any old guff, installed and played simply because they were there, but most recently it’s been to webgames.

Unfortunately, when you co-run a PC games blog, whatever stumbles randomly across your RSS feeds before the first coffee of the day has fully absorbed into your arteries carries with it a terrible sense of guilt. “I should be playing something I can write about. What can I write about this? Oh God, what can I write about this?

And so, Cheese Dreams, which was today’s pre-breakfast pastime for me.
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