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Wot I Checked: Chess 2 – The Sequel

Ah, Chess 2. A joke made real? Seems like it, only they’re not joking. This is a straight up remix and rebalance intended to shuffle the game away from its standard opening/closing moves and to fix the “problems” of the venerable chequered board format. But how can that work? And more importantly: does it work?

Read on for my handful of chess anecdotes and some writing about Chess 2, too. Toooo.
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500 Years In The Making: Chess 2 Coming To PC

Horses, Tigers, Elephants, and the Jungle Queen in the 'Animals' army.

Chess is a pretty good game, I hear, but I’m not really into retro gaming. After literally centuries (not to mention countless mods and patches) someone has finally made a proper sequel, so I might give it a crack. While the original Chess only had one faction, Chess 2: The Sequel adds another five armies with different rules, along with duels and a new victory condition.

It’s still kind of retro though, not upgrading the graphics at all. The story’s pretty much that same old war tale, though now it does now include ghosts, tigers, and elephants. A bit Far Cry 3-ish, then.

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