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Slot Together Wooden Insect Models In Zen Build

Why won't the head go on? I must be missing a part.

“Enter the exciting world of insects with Exciting World of Insects, a new biweekly magazine about the exciting world of insects. Build one of the insect kingdom’s deadliest hunters issue-by-issue with real wood parts for a praying mantis! The first issue’s only 50p!”

The TV commercials downplayed that later issues cost far more than I could ever afford, leaving my childhood shelves covered in jigsaw-cut wooden mantis limbs, T. rex skulls, stag beetle carapaces, and Eiffel Tower crowns. Twenty years later, I might finally complete one, thanks to Zen Build. It’s a free puzzler about assembling wooden models, and I cannot finish this mantis.

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Gearing Up: Automation Demo

Pure mechanical porn.

Do you remember those book fairs that used to happen every now and then at school when you were a kid? Hoards of children, clutching pocket money in grubby hands, unleashed on tables and tables of books of every description. I always gravitated towards the science and technology section and bought dozens of books depicting fascinating cutaways of engines, hydrofoils and hovercraft. Well, Camshaft Software’s forthcoming car manufacturing tycoon Automation places you at the head of a car company from 1946 to 2020. It looks set to recapture that perfect itch of intricately drawn diagrams of complicated mechanisms with the demo of the Engine Designer, one of the systems that will be in the final game.

The demo will arrive on April 22 (or is already available to anyone who’s pre-ordered), but a trailer and a developer narrated playthrough of said demo are idling below.

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