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Rock ‘Em Block ‘Em Robots: FPS/RTS Dysis Entices

Am I the only one who finds those drills - at least, in motion - totally mesmerizing? I think it's something about the bouncing blocks. Or maybe the madness has finally taken me.

We’ve squirted out some brief scrawlings about Dysis using a bottle of katchup before, but it’s now free from Kickstarter’s gladiatorial arena of attention-grabbing and well on its way to completion. You might also notice that it’s voxel-based, but inevitable Minecraft comparisons don’t really apply here. Instead, Dysis is an RTS/FPS mash-up by robots and for robots. Wait, that seems off. Oh, right: it’s about robots and made by a guy who builds robots in real life. There we go. Take a new glimpse at the block-obliterating carnage after the break.

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