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Hackers put an end to experimental story game Moirai


I’d never heard of Moirai [Steam page] until half an hour ago. Which is a crying shame, because now I’ll never get the chance to play it. The free game had a really interesting concept: it was a multiplayer game that pretended it was single player. Basically, the game ended with you typing out responses to questions from another character. Then, the next time someone played it, they’d meet past you and be presented with the answers you came up with, thinking that they were talking to an NPC. That player would then decide, based on your answers, whether you should live or die, and you’d be emailed the outcome later on. And then the next player would decide their fate, and so on.

I’ll explain it in a bit more detail in a mo, but the important bit is this: the game is now no more. The creators decided to shut down the game last week because of hackers targeting their database, putting to bed a game that’s been going strong for four years.

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Into The Labyrinth: Expand

Like a slow motion Super Hexagon, Expand [official site] drew me into its labyrinth depths the moment I laid eyes on it. The trailer’s sombre piano music and black-and-white-with-a-splash-of-red vibe gave me reason to anticipate a supporting plot about divorce or man flu, but I’ve played the first half hour and all energies seem to be concentrated on the starkly beautiful visuals and some lovely course design. I use the word ‘course’ because Expand feels like an obstacle course – a strange and hypnotic obstacle course.

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