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Ex-Blizzard dev Chris Metzen is now making tabletop games

Chris Metzen left Blizzard back in 2016, after a long career in roles such as creative director of World Of Warcraft and Overwatch, co-design lead on StarCraft and many more. He had been at the studio for 23 years, and so he announced his retirement, for it was time to rest.It wasn't a long rest, however, because Metzen got the itch to start creating cool…

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He Was The Lore: Blizzard’s Chris Metzen Retires

Blizzard lorelord Chris Metzen ('senior vice president of story and franchise development', if you want to be technical) has handed in his badge and his loregiver (his keyboard, obvs) and taken The Long Walk into The Cursed Earth (idk, Reddit?). After nearly 23 years of laying down the lore and voicing characters from Thrall to the good ol' Terran Battlecruiser, Metzen last night announced his…

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