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Do maths to thwarts satans in The Devil’s Calculator

All mathematics is devilry as far as I'm concerned, though numeric rituals are rarely as explicit as in The Devil's Calculator. Made by the fella behind word puzzler Synonymy, The Devil's Calculator is about solving equations backwards on a spoOoky graphing calculator to reach the number 666. The satan in the calculator has scrambled the functions of logical operators, see, so we need to... look,…

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Words With Dawkins: Synonymy Released

Here's a thing: if you can, I think you should play Synonymy on a pocket telephone rather than your PC. I have enjoyed playing the word puzzle game for a bit, bending the meaning of synonyms to connect words, but it's clearly designed for touchy-pressy mobile things and doesn't come off too well on PC. Handily, a $1.99 (£1.25) purchase on gets you Windows,…

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Word; Concept; Image; Icon: Synonymy’s Word Games

Words are interesting, alluring, beguiling, deceiving, betraying, abandoning, don't you find? The fact that you're reading right now suggests you consider words at least tolerable, adequate, acceptable. Perhaps you even find words enjoyable, amusing, campy, goofy, idiotic, foolish. If so, you might like the look of Synonymy (sadly not out yet). It's about synonyms, or rather synonyms which aren't quite synonyms. It'll have you getting…

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