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Overture: Clint Mansell To Score Mass Effect 3

Nuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr, nurrrrrrrrrrrrrr, nurrrrrrrrrrrrr, dunna, nurrrrrrrrrrrrr, DUNNA DUNNA DUNNA, nurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That's my prediction.

Gosh, I do love Clint Mansell’s scores. Especially the soundtrack he put together for Moon. Although you used to have to be careful when listening to it on Spotify, as it would play through into the Fountain’s equally splendid OST, but then into DOOM’s. And you’d realise what you were listening to and feel ridiculous. Anyway, they’ve rejigged all that now, so it’s safe. Oh yes, I had a reason for mentioning this. He’s creating the soundtrack for Mass Effect 3! Which is really, truly splendid news. Most famous for his work on Aronofsky’s films, his orchestrally ambient pieces are capable of subtly finding their way into Trent Reznor territory, and should make a fine background for space action roleplaying. What excellent news. (Via Eurogamer)

Clint Mansell Must Be A Very Rich Man

Practical all-weather clothing

Anything is better when soundtracked by the Requiem for a Dream music. Seriously – stick it on your MP3 player and go for a wander around town. Cross a road. Visit the cheese aisle in the supermarket. Tie your shoelaces. Nod solemnly at an old lady. All such things seem possessed of impossible drama and dark purpose when listening to Clint Mansell’s ubiquitous score. Don’t believe me? Then watch this trailer for Devil May Cry-but-with-more-boobs thingy Witches.

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