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CMSF Brit Forces Demo: Jackals Stole My Sunday

That Syrian skirmish I AARed a few weeks ago is now available to all and sundry as part of the recently unleashed CMSF: British Forces demo. If you are either all or sundry, and thought my tank tactics timid, my employment of artillery artless, and my use of infantry infuriatingly infrugal, now is your chance to do better. Grind out glorious low-cost victories, then strut and brag via the comments section.

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Day Of The Jackals: The Brits Invade CMSF

As the night sky pales over a dusty plateau near Damascus, two Wolf Land Rovers and two Jackal patrol vehicles parked in the lee of a ruined wall, start their engines and move off in search of the enemy. My first Combat Mission Shock Force: British Forces battle is underway. Wish me luck.

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The Road To Damascus Resurfaced: CMSF v1.11

Anyone wondering whether troubled contemporary wargame Combat Mission: Shock Force is now fit for duty should definitely give the new 1.11 ‘Marines’ demo a spin. Battlefront have lashed together a bland training scenario, a dreadfully imbalanced armour clash (‘Smashing Metal’ – play as the Syrians if you want any sort of challenge), and – thank God – two variants of a quality FIBUA engagement, to showcase a year’s worth of improvements. I still have a few issues with the full game, but nervously hunting Syrian airborne troops through the streets of Tadmur (‘USMC – Going To Town’), it’s impossible not to admire what CMSF has finally become.


Read on for a few beginner’s tips.

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