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Dig Deep: Paranautical Activity Kickstarter

Agent Skully, we meet again.
You might remember fun FPS Paranautical Activity from that time I played it and enjoyed it quite a lot. If you don’t remember, then I don’t know why I bother. TSK! Anyway, the team have had a few ups and downs since then. First, they set-up a Greenlight page, then they were courted by a publisher who claimed they could get on Steam. Then Valve told blocked that move and the developers were left despondent, and a bit poor. The despondency was eased by a balloon popping party, but they need a bit of help the poor part, and have launched a Kickstarter. Pitch is below.
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Brief Impressions: Paranautical Activity


The CMS is full, and John commands me to play a game for the rest of the afternoon. And you know when John is bellowing out commands, you don’t just sit there. No, I darted out of my chair, had a nice long shower, popped out to the post office, grabbed some lunch, looked at some cat pictures, had a nap, and answered John’s IMs about Game Of Thrones actors. Now you might think I’m taking advantage of him, and that his authority is somehow being challenged. Not a bit of it! No, I procrastinated because my choice of game for this afternoon is Paranautical Activity . And it scares me.
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Guns And Voxels: Paranautical Activity

I’ve been keeping an eye on Code Avarice’s Paranautical Activity. The right one. It has become rather skewed after a month of watching my second monitor, always staring off to the side, never blinking, never doing whatever it is eyes do when they’re not staring or blinking. Not crying. Definitely not crying. Thankfully, there’s now something to show you of this fast-paced FPS roguelike. There are bullets and voxels. In the meantime, I’m about to blink. Wish me luck.
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