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Code Club Is Programming Tuition For Primary Schools

Programming hasn’t really been taught well in UK schools, and that seems like an oversight, particularly when such a vast segment of getting on in the modern world can actually end up being about making computers do things. Hell, as someone who dabbles in both website publishing and development, I know just how useful programming is, how important that makes programmers as individuals, and how helpless I feel when I can’t tackle a programming problem. These skills make robots work, make the internet a thing, and make our precious games crackle with magic fire. So Code Club, an attempt to get after-school coding clubs into UK primary schools (for the 9-11 age group) is something I – and the rest of RPS – wholeheartedly support. This is the lowdown: “Code Club works by connecting programmers with their local schools and providing them with a set of projects to teach for an hour a week in an after-school club setting.”

I post this because I wish I had learned programming when I was a child. Read my quick chat with organiser Clare Sutcliffe, as well as a video overview of the project, below.
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