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Going Underground With Coffin Game Taphobos

James Brown setting up Taphobos for Rezzed

“Immersive coffin experience” Taphobos [official site] puts one player inside a real coffin and has them direct a partner at a computer, who’s trying to locate the coffin in a virtual environment.

It was created as part of a two-day hackathon involving the universities of Nottingham and Lincoln where the brief was to come up with an uncomfortable experience. Instead of jump scares the team (James Brown, Ida Marie Toft, Mike Kalyn, Andreas Taske and Linda McConnon) wanted a physically uncomfortable experience.

“We got a big cardboard box and an Oculus Rift and just put someone in it. They’d see a coffin and a few spiders and things and that would be that,” says Brown. “But because it was such an interesting idea about uncomfortable experiences I developed it into [Taphobos].”

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