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The Division’s Virus Simulator Infecting A City Near You

Hey there, chum! Need something new to fuel your paranoid survivalist fantasies, a new excuse to buy a machete and 300 cans of beans or to see other people as mere obstacles on your path to a long and miserable life? I've got just the thing for you. Inspired by the doomsday scenario of The Division [official site], Ubisoft have released a wee simulator that'll…

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Collapse Russian-Language Demo: An Oblast?

The 350-plus-change megabyte demo of Collapse came out last week, but we haven't blogged about it until now due to a minor problem. It's in Russian. And since it's in Russian, we didn't have a clue of what it was and linking to "a demo with some stuff in it" is frowned upon by the fraternity. So, with a little investigative journalism, I decided to…

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