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Commander Keen++

Two dimensions good! Three dimensions bad! It’s retro-pixel-time day on RPS, entirely by mistake. If you’ve had enough absurdist time travel and Jesusosity, perhaps now you’d like to turn your 256-colour attention to id’s ancient history. Woah there, hoss – you’re totally about to comment that olden PC platformer Commander Keen was only 16 colours, aren’t you? I know the way your type thinks. Recently-released fan project Commander Genius does a whole bunch of things to first three episodes of the old jumpy-shooty series, but one option is to add a VGA tileset to it. Better still, this new engine allows nice enough upscaling and edge-smoothing that your gigantic modern monitor no longer makes the game look like it’s made out of sticklebricks. I had it running at 1920×1200, and while it didn’t quite fill the screen, it looked crisp and native-res rather than blurrily stretched to fill all those pixels.
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