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Mashed: Concursion Demo Released

Shmup glitches into ninja platformer

Making a good video game is difficult, we can deduce from the existence of innumerable not-good video games. Making five good video games is a rare feat for any developer. Concursion boldly tries to smoosh five together into one single game. It does not really work for any of them. It’s an interesting idea though, so you may want to give the demo out now a go to see what it was trying.

See, Concursion has a platformer, a shoot ’em up, a jetpack game, a stabby ninja platformer, and a Pac-Man-y maze game, sometimes all on the same screen. Levels have little rifts which pull you into pockets of another genre, so your ninja might hop up and enter a shmup, briefly becoming a spaceship blasting away, before dropping down into a maze to eat dots. But none of these individual subgames are fun.

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A Game Sandwich: Concursion

“Imagine a piñata filled with all your favorite games”, Concursion’s website suggests. Eager to comply, I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair. A vision intruded like a mote into my mind’s eye – I saw Garrett hanging upside down from a tree as a masked figure beat him with a blackjack. Having disastrously misunderstood the concept of ‘piñata’, I turned my attention to a different image – a sandwich with my favourite games as the filling, the garnish and the bread. Great. Now I’m eating Garrett pastrami. Concursion aims to be just such a treat, combining genres into a single flowing experience. The video below shows top-down mazes, platforming, JRPG combat and side-scrolling shooting. That doesn’t cover any of my favourite games!

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