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Posts tagged “Conquest! Medieval Realms”

Hexyback: Conquest! Medieval Realms Demo

The Hexmaster Tim Stone has already written that Illustrious have released Conquest! Medieval Realms. But he complained there isn't a demo! But in the time between then and now, that's changed in one, very important way. That there's a demo. There's totally a demo. And you can get it from here. It's a considerably cut down version of the full game, containing two missions instead…

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Knights Of The Hexagonal Table

The hardest part of my new role as president of the International Hexagonal Society? Trying to persuade the motor industry to adopt six-sided wheels. The easiest part? Disseminating news of new hex strategy like Conquest! Medieval Realms. A swift tappity-tap on the old word-piano and suddenly every RPS reader knows that two-man UK¬†outfit Illustrious Software have recently finished a friendly Hundred Years War game that…

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