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Continue? Stars A Game Hero Making Peace With Deletion

And also giant teeth monsters.

The game’s full name is actually¬†Continue?9876543210, but fitting all of that in a headline would’ve required a piston-powered clamp, a really big hammer, and a shrink ray. This one looks magnificently fascinating, though. You might recognize the Swords & Sworcery-esque art style from the surprisingly solid Skrillex Quest, which developer Jason Oda also infused with his glitchy sensibilities. Continue, however, is far less tongue-in-cheek, aiming for heavy heartstrings over light and flighty giggleboxes. You play as a recently deceased videogame hero wandering a world of Random Access Memories. Ultimately, you¬†will be deleted, but as you wander a fraying, pixelated landscape behind the scenes of our favorite games, your goal is to find peace.

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