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Good As Gold: Jason Rohrer Launches Cordial Minuet

Cordial Minuet [official site] - Jason Rohrer's arcane-themed magic square betting game - has officially launched. As you might expect given Rohrer's previous game launches this one also involves a fair bit of showmanship in the form of a gold amulet 'n' cash giveaway. I've not played since pre-alpha so I'd imagine it will have been tweaked a little in the interim - at least…

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Feature: Playing for pennies

Cordial Minuet: Hands On With Rohrer’s Gambling Game

"The next step is where you take out your credit card," says Jason Rohrer. We're on the phone for a Cordial Minuet preview session. Cordial Minuet is Rohrer's current game project – a gambling game based around magic squares into which I must deposit real money if I wish to play, even at this pre-alpha stage.I deposit $5. I'll get back to the payment and…

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May I Have This Cordial Minuet?

An occult-themed game of skill where players use magic squares to try to generate real cash all rooted in the developer's own experiences with Texas hold 'em poker? Why yes, Jason Rohrer does have a new game in the works, thanks for asking. It's called Cordial Minuet because an occult-themed game without an anagram would be even sadder than a gaming news article without a…

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