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Feature: BOO

Have You Played… Uncanny Valley?

I've heard of love at first sight, but does it really count when all you've done is speak two or three terse lines of dialogue at someone? Uncanny Valley seems to think so, because that was all it took to make spooky apartment building owner Eve fall in love with new boy security guard (and player character) Tom. She even sent a letter inviting him…

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Uncanny Valley Trailer Explains Android Survival Horror

I dug the demo of 2D survival horror Uncanny Valley [official site], being unsettled by a night watchman's troubles with horrible synthflesh-wrapped androids. It was pretty and scary and pleasantly unpleasant, but it was an early build, leaving a few questions about fairly big parts.That talk of failure states with consequences other than death: how does that work? Is he only ever fleeing from androids?…

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Android Nightmare: 2D Horror Uncanny Valley’s Demo

We've had a gander at the android nightmare of Uncanny Valley before, at its dark laboratories draped in synthflesh and filled with mannequins and metal skeletons. Now you can wander those frightful places, ducking behind servers and fleeing from horrible things, as developers Cowardly Creations have release a demo for their 2D survival horror. Boo! Don't worry, that was just me attempting to startle you…

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