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Real-Time Collaborative Game Making: CraftStudio

We first spotted CraftStudio last year – a collaborative game making game, inspired by, but only loosely related to, Minecraft. Players share the tool by which games are designed and created, allowing people to work in teams as they develop, or even collaborate with strangers, creating games in all manner of genres. Blocks are pretty central, the nostrils on the game’s face, but the variation is offers is damned impressive – see below. And now, the beta lives.

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Craft Your Own Minecraft In Craftstudio

I made this. Well, I fiddled with this. Okay, I looked at this.
Minecraft’s influence on games has been rather impressive. Block by block, new games are emerging, willing to look like the creations of an over-eager child with Lego. But this is the first time I’ve seen an engine that’s pulling the same trick. Craftstudio should feel like a soulless rip-off, but it’s a genuinely cute, well made game-making tool. It’s actually a game for making games, where the multiplayer is a collaborative editing suite for players to build levels, animate and paint monsters, and probably insult penis sizes and mothers. It’s currently in development, but there’s an alpha that you can try out. It has a Kickstarter-esque funding model over at, er, Kickstarter-esque Indiegogo. Impossibly engaging and annoyingly well made video from the game’s 22 year-old creator (!) Elisée Maureris below. Hearthat, Notch? He’s got ten years on you.
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