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Rolling Out Today: Drums Of War

The last time I mentioned hex-based tactic ’em up Drums Of War, beta signups had opened. We now return to the heavily interactive and changeable battlefields as the game is released on the Slitherine store. Previous comment thread discussion focused on such noble instruments as the Alphorns of Animosity and Sousaphones of Siege, but twig_reads, an RPS commenter and transcriber of trees, refused to join in the the musical merriment and instead chipped in with, “This looks a bit like Battle For Wesnoth“. twig_reads is correct. The main difference, in my experience, is that open source Wesnoth doesn’t have the same focus on destructible map elements. There are so many campaigns and modules for BoW that it’s impossible to generalise, but Drums of War places a stronger emphasis on skirmishes, often won by timely use of unique abilities.

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Orcs Vs Everything: Crasleen – Drums Of War Demo

I used 'kicking k' instead of 'curly c' in the filename and couldn't be bothered fixing it

Crasleen is a city and its walls are besieged by orcs and necromancers, who are (probably) blasting out a sixty five minute Phil Collins drum solo while they prepare their plan of attack. The slightly ponderous translated text, including the in-game manual, doesn’t bode particularly well, but this is a turn-based tactical game of small-scale combat. That is to say, it’s my type, no matter how rough some of the detail might be. I spent an hour with the demo this morning and, once you get to know what Crasleen is really all about, it’s quite the charmer, even if it does occasionally say the most inappropriate things: “…there is an account side where to deliver a blow…” There sure is, Crasleen, there sure is.

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