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There’s Someone In The Sea: Who Is Big Sister?

Phantom summarisers have today been filling the internet’s gossip-hungry dens with what they claim is the highlights of Game Informer’s Bioshock 2 feature. Go read if you’re desperate, but we’re not going to recycle it here, as a) there’s a big chance it’s nonsense and b) any shortening of this kind tends to leave a lot of stuff out in favour of cheering/whining about whatever most gets their mystery readers’ goats. So let’s wait until we’ve got a fuller picture, eh?

The speculat-o-game we will play, though, because we’re filthy gossip-mongers as much as the next tea-drinking PC games blog, is about the one concrete piece of information we do know: Bioshock 2 features a Big Sister. (It seems very likely right now that does mean just the one Big Sister, incidentally). This time, let’s put aside our feelings about the very concept of a (presumably) female reimagining of Bioshock 1’s most iconic castmember, and instead have a good old guess about what’s under that long-limbed steampunk suit. If that even is Big Sis, of course. RPS’s theories are beneath the cut. As well as a whole load of inevitably wrong/insane ideas, it contains a few Bioshock 1 spoilers, in case you’ve not finished that yet.
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