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It Does Belong Here: Creeper World 3 Creeps On To Steam

I keep falling into the trap of thinking I’ve seen all the world’s games and there’s nothing new left for me to discover. This is because I am very arrogant, but then I stumble across something like Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal. It’s a strategy game in which you battle a gradually encroaching goo as it flows around and across terrain. It’s the third in a series of 2D, indie strategy games. It has a story campaign, a level editor, terraforming, and enough unit complexity to evoke Supreme Commander. It has a demo. It is now on Steam.

Let this goo slowly start to colonize your brain by watching the trailer below.

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You’re So (“Very”- Ed) Special: Creeper World

Crysis III decided to strip it back a little

Don’t be deceived by the screenshot. Creeper World is the most apocalyptic game I’ve played in ages. Hell, even Defcon’s millions pales before the 300 Billion which gets offed in the opening moments of this Tower-Defence-esque indie RTS. The plot explains all: basically, evil goo appears in the far future, killing everyone on humanity’s enormous empire. Less than 50,000 are left, who must now make their way across the universe while (er) shooting goo. It’s Battlestar Galactica meets The Blob. And, despite me having spent all yesterday downloading SFIV, this morning it’s kept me away from the joy of Chun-li’s chunky-thighs. The five level demo here, but some more thoughts and a video follow…
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