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Feature: All the Temtems!

Temtem evolutions – how to evolve all Temtem

There are a lot of Temtem to train and evolve. No doubt you'll be looking at the Tempedia, the place where you record tamed Temtem, and are wondering how on earth you're meant to fill it. Temtem Tamers around the world have been hunting for the little critters, and to help with that effort, I've compiled a table with all the currently known Temtem.

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Feature: Have to tame each of them!

Temtem is the best Pokémon game in years

Tempting tempeh! Tempura templars! Temerarious temperatures! It is unclear at present whether Temtem is a contraction of anything, and what exactly it means if it is, but this Pokélike is the brand new catch ‘em up from Spanish studio CremaGames. Temtem is an unashamed rip-off of Pokémon in almost every respect, but that’s why it’s good. It’s an homage to Pokémon before it was Pokémon,…

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Feature: It's super effective!

Temtem types guide – type chart to help with battles

Temtem is a rather simple game to grasp the basics of, but there will be some hurdles to overcome if you're used to that other monster-catching game - Pokémon. While some Temtem types can have their strengths and weaknesses worked out rather quickly, there are some others that may seem rather alien, most notably Digital and Crystal. I've created a Temtem type chart to help you…

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Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem is out now in early access

If you've spent the past two decades fantasising about enslaving wild creatures to do your bidding, boy howdy, do I have good news. Temtem is a Pokemon-inspired MMO for PC that came out on early access yesterday. Everything you know and love from the Pokemon games you were never allowed to play is here. Gyms are dojos, trainers are tamers, and your menagerie of adorable…

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Feature: Hafta snag the lot!

Temtem guide – which is the best Temtem starter

With the Early Access release of Temtem, the impossible has finally happened. There is now a Pokémon like game available on PC, that is also a MMO, filling a niche that frankly I'm surprised hasn't already been filled. As the game will be available to the public for the first time, you may wish to get up to speed with the basics. Don't worry, we've…

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You can join the free stress test for creature catching MMO Temtem

If Temtem looks like a Pokemon game to you, that's because it absolutely is a lot like Pokemon. The Applin doesn't fall far from the Sudowoodo—yes, it's a Pokemon joke on a PC website. If you weren't familiar with the brightly colored creature catching MMO before, now is a decent time to change that. The game comes out on January 21st, but you can sign up to…

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Immortal Redneck brings roguelite FPS to ancient Egypt

The name, Immortal Redneck [official site], led me to expect a nineties-style daft shooter. Redneck Rampage meets Serious Sam, perhaps, given that the game is set in three increasingly dangerous pyramids, full of mummies, scarab beetles and sentient sarcophagi. Having played the game for a couple of hours now, I'm wholly convinced that the title is an error. This game isn't dipping its toes into…

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