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Feature: Gotta snack 'em all

The RPS Temtem Pick ‘n’ Mix menu: what do your favourite Temtem taste like?

Everyone is playing Temtem, but no-one is saying it: they are clearly edible. But which of these visibly delicious sweets is the best for you?After analysis of internal business and laboratory notes, several interviews, and much research in the field, I'm pleased to present our first ever Temtem flavour guide.

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Feature: What's on the cards?

Temtem’s current ending points to more exciting things to come

Temtem's early access release doesn't wrap up with a nice, warm hug offering clarity and closure. Instead it leaves you on a literal cliffhanger, hook-slinging your way from precipice to precipice on the way to the sweltering savannahs of Kisiwa, a to-be-released island apparently teeming with political unrest and Earth Temtems. I'm not frustrated that the game doesn't currently have a more concrete conclusion. Temtem…

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Temtem Ganki: location, how to evolve, and why it’s a good early game Temtem

There are very few Temtem that I would consider to be a great early option to catch, but Ganki is a great option for new players. It combines both Wind and Electric types, which takes very little damage from Wind type attacks, but does have access to many moves that could prove useful in the first Dojo.

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Feature: Eh? This Temtem is evolving!

Temtem evolutions guide

Even in its Early Access period, there are a lot of Temtem to hunt down, train, and evolve into their pumped up forms. Some evolution types work a little differently in Temtem when compared to Pokémon, and there are also Temtem with unusual methods you need to use to evolve them. To help with that effort, I've compiled a table with all the currently known…

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Feature: Show me your moves

Temtem course locations

Temtem's Courses, or TCs as they are also known, are how you teach moves to your Temtem that they cannot normally learn. They can be used multiple times on any compatible Temtem, but there is only one copy of each of them in the game. Some are found in specific areas, while others are rewards for completing quests.

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Temtem caught 900 accounts in its first batch of bans

Early access Pokemon-like MMO Temtem is battling through the rough waters that come with an online game release. The indie creature catching game overcame long login queues during its launch week. The next problem stepping onto the battlefield is a standard one for MMOs: cheaters and exploits. Crema said today that they've identified and banned 900 accounts that are "either a cheater or has abused…

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Feature: Comes in handy

Temtem gear locations

Gears in Temtem are items that you don't use yourself. Instead, you give them to your Temtem and they will benefit from their effects. They can augment their attacks, increase their resistance to a type, or even improve your chance to capture a wild Temtem. They're incredibly useful, but there is usually only one of each in the game.

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Feature: Temtem? I hardly know him!

Temtem carries on a proud Pokémon tradition by having a hot professor

Temtem is an early access game in which you trap and tame small creatures in magical cards, battle them against other tamers, and try to tame every variety of Temtem on the strange archipelago where you live. If this sounds like it's all a synonym for Pokémon that's because it is: Temtem is Pokémon on PC. Except, well, there are loads of Autochess games and…

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Feature: Have to tame each of them!

Temtem is the best Pokémon game in years

Tempting tempeh! Tempura templars! Temerarious temperatures! It is unclear at present whether Temtem is a contraction of anything, and what exactly it means if it is, but this Pokélike is the brand new catch ‘em up from Spanish studio CremaGames.Temtem is an unashamed rip-off of Pokémon in almost every respect, but that’s why it’s good. It’s an homage to Pokémon before it was Pokémon, the…

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Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem is out now in early access

If you've spent the past two decades fantasising about enslaving wild creatures to do your bidding, boy howdy, do I have good news. Temtem is a Pokemon-inspired MMO for PC that came out on early access yesterday. Everything you know and love from the Pokemon games you were never allowed to play is here. Gyms are dojos, trainers are tamers, and your menagerie of adorable…

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You can join the free stress test for creature catching MMO Temtem

If Temtem looks like a Pokemon game to you, that's because it absolutely is a lot like Pokemon. The Applin doesn't fall far from the Sudowoodo—yes, it's a Pokemon joke on a PC website. If you weren't familiar with the brightly colored creature catching MMO before, now is a decent time to change that. The game comes out on January 21st, but you can sign up to…

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Immortal Redneck brings roguelite FPS to ancient Egypt

The name, Immortal Redneck [official site], led me to expect a nineties-style daft shooter. Redneck Rampage meets Serious Sam, perhaps, given that the game is set in three increasingly dangerous pyramids, full of mummies, scarab beetles and sentient sarcophagi. Having played the game for a couple of hours now, I'm wholly convinced that the title is an error. This game isn't dipping its toes into…

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