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Calm Down, Deer: The Deer God Trots Out Of Early Access

And another Kickstarted game gallops over the finish line!I really, really wanted to lead this news post with more deer-related puns, but when I looked back over our past coverage of The Deer God [official site] I realised I'd been beaten to the punch. Life is such a cruel and terrible thing; all the easy terrible jokes have been done already.Still, it could be worse. I…

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Feature: Save your bucks

Premature Evaluation: The Deer God

Each week Marsh Davies launches himself into the bestial bloodbath that is Early Access and comes out with whatever stories and/or handfuls of porcupine innards he can find. This week he gets his game on in the weird woodland-themed survival-platformer hybrid that is The Deer God.And today in Least Fulfillable Game Development Promises: The Deer God “will challenge your religion and your platforming skills”. Presumably…

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Dear God! It’s The Deer God, A 2D Platformer About Karma

Here's what I know about The Deer God: it's a platformer made in Unity in which you play as a hunter who has been turned into a deer. It's 3D but mimicking pixel art, which gives it a neat, voxel-y style. It has co-op. The music is pretty. It has a Kickstarter project, which is almost halfway towards its goal with 20 days to go.Here…

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