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Crysis Release Moves Forward

So when is Crysis coming out?


On Friday, those who had pre-ordered were emailed to let them know pre-loading was beginning on EA’s online Store. It seemed to suggest the game would be unlocked on November 9th – a full week early. Well, that hasn’t happened, and if you visit the Crysis site it states that the unlock will take place on Wednesday 14th. Which is still a couple of days earlier than expected.

The decision to bring the release forward is either extremely fortunate, or advanced damage control, with the full game having leaked, and appearing on file sharing sites today. This isn’t the best news for EA Store, which already makes the rather unfortunate decision to charge customers for the right to maintain their purchased downloads from the site after six months, in what would seem a backward step from buying a boxed copy.

But, the good news is: Crysis two days early!

Crysis Viral

Here’s a strange piece of viral advertising. (And proof I can’t be trusted with a document marked “CONFIDENTIAL”).

Stop looking! It's confidential!

In the post this morning came a stiff, brown envelope, containing what purports to be a “CONFIDENTIAL” document, with the vast majority of the text blacked out. And a very small envelope stapled to the document, containing nothing but an O2 mobile phone sim card.

It disappointingly quickly reveals itself to be a viral for Crysis, with statements like,


Scans of the doc, and more below.

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Crysis On Ice

First, we had the tanks and the helicopters and the nukes and the aliens. Now, thanks once again to modders experimenting with the outer limits of the bundled Sandbox2 editor, we get the Crysis demo in a whole new, sparkly setting. Is this the best demo ever? Apart from the goof many years ago in which a UK magazine accidentally stuck, rather than the demo, the entirety of the game in question (wish I could remember what it was – I’ll try and find out) on its coverdisk, I reckon so. Details of the map and how to get it after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Crysis Crisis Deepens

Either Crytek are quietly trying to cause no end of hell for EA, or the wrong Crysis demo got released and there are a whole lot of panicking, screaming, crying German developers right now.

First, the script for the entire game was discovered lurking in the demo files. Then a simple config file edit activated supposedly DirectX 10 and Vista-only graphical effects in DirectX 9 and XP. And now, someone faffing about with the bundled level editor has managed to dump a load of good stuff from later in the game into the demo map and make it playable. To find out how, what, who and wither, you’ll have to read on… Read the rest of this entry »

The DirectX 10 Cri/ysis

Yes, we know we’re horribly behind most of the rest of the internet in this (and in fact didn’t bother to mention it previously for just that reason), but hell, if we ever want to be the biggest PC gaming website in the world we should probably make the effort. I’ve compensated for our tardiness by adding several hundred words of bonus ranting to it.

Skip to the end if you can’t be bothered with me waffling on about Microsoft conspiracy theories and just want to find out how to make the Crysis demo look way better under hoary old Windows XP. Otherwise, don your finest head-fitting tinfoil and read on.

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Crysis: Grand Theft Boato

While John’s spent his time in the Crysis demo struggling to shoot men in the face, I’ve spent mine exploring. Here I am, after all, on a beautiful tropical island and with a pocketful of superpowers – there must something to do other than murder people. It’s time to test the limits of this supposedly open environment.

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How to: Completely Ruin Crysis For Yourself

In short: Crytek have spent so much time thinking about how best they can show Korean gentlemen being throttled, they forgot to remove the design-doc-script thing from the demo files. Oh noes!

I am here and I'm going to throttle you and kill you. And in the game.

Basically, if you want to know all this stuff, you need to head to “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Game\Localized” where you’ll find the english.pak file. Open it up with winrar or something. Inside the compiled docs bit you’ll find an enormous amount of 27 (Count ’em!) pages of plot based gubbins – and new screens – which you can absorb at your leisure and be able to tell people that the cake is a lie, or local equivalent thereof.

Thanks to Thiefsie for the tip off.

Crysis: Don’t Play It Drunk

Why? Because doing this just made me scream and run out of the room in big-girl’s-blousey fear:

Casually carrying around a half-dead Korean chap by the neck for five minutes, and seeing his eerily well-rendered face sporadically contort in absolute terror (procedurally-generated absolute terror, it’s rumoured) is surely a frightening experience whilst entirely compos mentis. Doing it whilst several sheets to the wind is like a nightmare made real. That face, oh God, that face…

It’s certainly fine work on Crytek’s part in terms of adding a certain sense of consequence to traditional FPS violence. I don’t, however, thank them for the next fortnight of sleepless nights I’m going to suffer as a result.

Crysis Demo For All

The Crysis demo appeared last night, in an effort to confuse everyone. It’s a whopping 1.77Gb (123.8 Peggles), and can be downloaded from all sorts of places, helpfully gathered together here.

Time for some deforestation.

And it’s really rather good. This is a huge chunk-o-game, which if explored gleefully could take you well over an hour to play through. (I’m sure idiots could rush through it in minutes, but I care not for the antics of idiots). And finally, we can believe in the powers of the suit. But there are some problems. So, in the interests of not being a miseryguts, here’s what’s good about the demo:

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Crysis Demo 24 Hour Crisis

The Crysis demo is yours to download today! Er, if you’re willing to buy Crysis first.

EA, in their non-stop waterfall of wisdom, have decided that it’s an extremely clever idea to ask people to pay money for an advert – an advert that will be available for free tomorrow.

Jungle Boogie!

For those who are buying the game anyway, they can gain access to the brief section for a whole 24 hours, when the non-pre-ordering plebs must sit outside in the cold. Which includes us, so we’ve no idea what the demo’s like. Sorry about that. Read on for more moaning.

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The Next Big Thing

So, we’re in a bit of a quandry. Bioshock was quite exciting. The Orange Box was simply incredibly wonderfully enormo-exciting. The writers and readers of RPS alike rode these zeitgeist waves in something like ecstasy, hollering happy, happy words all the way. But what now? While there’ll doubtless be yet more Portal posts here before the year is out, really it’s time we look to tomorrow…

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Hyperbole Pick ‘n Mix

This new video trailer for Crysis mixes developer Cervat Yerli talking fairly frankly about the game, with Microsoft and Nvidia folks delivering empty eulogies that seem to have been downloaded directly from MarketingBrain HQ. The footage has a similar piecemeal quality to it. There are man-shooting, grenade-lobbing scenes when it it looks like Crysis is simply Another Generic Shooter, and then contrasting scenes where you have to sit back with raised eyebrows and nod in agreement with Cervat: it does look a bit gosh blimey. Have a look for yourself:

Thanks Game Trailers, thanks.

Demo on 26th October, full game on the 16th of November, says Cervat. And my bank balance tells me I’m not going to be able to play this game with anything like the “fidelity” that will make it really impressive, whether I have DirectX 10 installed or not. Bum.

Crysis Multiplayer Beta

It’s the night of the New Game Download. The Crysis multiplayer beta, oddly described as “Friends and family”, is accessible to anyone with a Founders’ Club FilePlanet account. Which anyone can get by paying IGN’s insanely awful download service $10 they don’t need or deserve.

It's a Far Cry from something something something!

Spaces on this beta are limited, with more due later as it’s rolled out to the more general public. So get in there quick if you think early access to Crysis is worth £5 of your penny jar collective.

Not that I’m bitter or anything, after having a friend on the inside who’d got me onto this “Friends and family only” beta, receiving an email that told me it was secret, shhhh, and not to tell, and then finding that the hoi poloi are downloading it willy nilly. Dreadful people littering my private beta access, leaving their cigarette butts everywhere I shouldn’t wonder. Grumble.

EDIT: And they’re all gone. I can go back to feeling smug now.

FURTHER EDIT: Remember you’re under NDA before commenting, everybody.

Graphicsability High. What about Gameplayability?

While you may not realise it from reading this blog, there are other PC shooters other than Bioshock we give a damn about. No, really.

This angle is going to be terribly impractical to play from, frankly.

Firstly, Eurogamer head off to Germany to actually speak at length to the Crytek guys about their forthcoming Crysis, including getting hands on with the multiplayer section (Deathmatch sounds much as you’d expect, but the Power Struggle seems an interesting cross between a territory-control and base-capture game). Also, predictably, the multiplayer doesn’t look as impressive as the single player graphically. Bally Electric Internet not keeping speed with our DX10 explosions.

While Crysis is the one everyone will be excited about post-Bioshock, I’m personally keeping an eye on White Gold, which PC gamer have lobbed up a short preview of online. You may not be aware of it. It’s basically the sequel to Boiling Point, the most critically divisive game of last year. You may remember that Games TM gave it 9 and Edge gave it 2. Meanwhile, me, being a smart-arse, came close to literally giving it both. Enormously ambitious and enormously bugged in about equal measures, the real question with White Gold is whether developers Deep Shadow will somehow manage to keep it under control.

When I had it demoed to me, they stressed they’d learned a lot and all that but… well, White Gold isn’t their only game. They’re also working on Precursors, which is basically Boiling Point… in space. While White Gold is a natural step on from Boiling Point – including Giant Spiders, which will gain extra points from me – Precursors lobs a load of influences from things like Freelancer in there too – space missions, flying between planets, whatever.

So rather than, after Boiling Point, concentrating their efforts… they make TWO ambitious games. Sharing a lot of technology, admitedly, but still. You salute them and fear for them in about equal measures.

An Island In The Fun

The Far Cry 2 teaser site is up and running. You can click on the trees and birds fly off! Man, I’m sold. I haven’t been this excited about a semi-interactive picture of an African vista since I don’t know when.

Yeah, this site is a ‘teaser’ in the sense that it’s really not offering us anything, while at the same time making furtive suggestions about things it might want to reveal later on. Filthy creature! No real information, nothing concrete to go on, and elsewhere all we can dig up is some press release info containing random warble about AI or something. Oh, it also mentions this is a Ubisoft Montreal production, rather than a Crytek (original Far Cry studio) game. They’re busy, you see.

“Far Cry marked the beginning of a new era for shooters. An era of gorgeous graphics and of advanced artificial intelligence,” declared Tony Key, vice president of marketing at Ubisoft. “We are confident that Far Cry 2 will have the same impact again on the FPS genre landscape.”

A debatable declaration, Tony. Far Cry ushered in an era of overly-hard end-of-game enemies and smoky Doom 3 interiors and, arguably, that was yet another part of the old era. What it should have marked was an era of hang-gliders, blue skies and large islands – by which standards Just Cause is the only genuine successor to Far Cry.

But now there is Far Cry 2. The vague connotations in the site’s imagery suggest it could be a savannah-based shooter? Miles and miles of grassland and the odd mutant wildebeest? Is that cool? And there was me thinking that EA-published Crysis was going to be the true successor to the island-based shooter. How naïve I can be.

Ah, beautiful Crysis. Pumped up tech-soldier violence, punching trucks to death, giant alien bosses, and it’s even set on a tropical island. It’s almost like a new era for shooters, or something. If it has a hang-glider in, I’ll marry it. Yeah, that’s more like it. Men married to games, games with blue skies and alien invasions. Let’s have a Crysis screenshot to finish. Actually, this entire post was going to be based around the recently released gameplay screenshots, but they’re all rubbish. So here’s a seemingly mocked up motion-blurred picture of that supercommando protagonist instead.

Oh and Far Cry 2 is supposed to be about in Spring 2008. Ubisoft seem pretty good with guessing when their games will come out, so fingers crossed.