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Oh So Square: Cubemen 2

3 Sprockets send word that their tower-defense sequel, Cubemen 2, has arrived on Steam. I rather enjoyed the original so it’s interesting to see what features the guys have produced for their latest offering, including lots of online ranking features, customisable skins for the men themselves, and rather more complex levels. Being able to buy a double pack for instant co-op for just a quid more is a nice touch, too.

Trailer boxed in below. Oddly, I am less of a fan of the look, now. It’s less clean, and less attractive somehow. Hmm.
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Wot I Think: Cubemen

Cubemen has been out on Desura and Steam for a while, but it’s currently very cheap indeed.

There’s something pleasing about a cube. And something pleasinger about cubes that go pop when exposed to in-game forces of craft or peril. Cubemen understands this, and that’s why the understated visuals of this clean and precise tower defence game hold a simple allure. Being curiously unable to resist either tower defence or cubes, I was drawn in to take a closer look. A brief summary of wot I think about Cubemen follows.
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