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Cultist Simulator brings cosmic longing to Kickstarter

Cultist Simulator

Cosmic horror turns out to be a hard habit to break. Former Failbetter creative director, Alexis Kennedy, announced Cultist Simulator [official site]; a digital board game with dark gods, abominable rites and a variable grip on reality a while back. I think it was initially given a tentative release date of Halloween-ish 2017 but ended up slipping a bit and the Kickstarter (which is what prompted this post – that’s the news! There’s a Kickstarter! I was getting to it, slowly!) now noted an estimated delivery date of May 2018.

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Dark Ritual: Failbetter Co-Founder’s Cultist Simulator

Former Failbetter Games creative director Alexis Kennedy is hoping to release his Cultist Simulator [official site] around Halloween next year, he’s said. Since leaving the Sunless Sea and Fallen London studio, he’s signed up for gigs including writing on Stellaris and for BioWare, but bless ‘im he can’t resist the call of unspeakable horrors from beyond the stars. Cultist Simulator is a singleplayer digital board game about dreams and hints of dark gods, rituals, research, recruitment, and slowly losing your grip on anything resembling a normal human life. Always a splendid idea, that.

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