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The Big Pitch: Football Superstars Interview

This is turning into RPS' biggest Foot-to-ball day ever. Walker posts about little plastic men. And I, following up from last week's post on Football Superstars, had an exchange of e-mails with CyberSport's Creative Director on their Football MMO. Can RPS cram in more foot-to-ball before the end of the day? No. We probably can't. In what follows, Steve is enormously expansive about the history…

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Foot-to-ball-to-Net: Football Superstars Open Beta

I found myself drinking with assorted comic people last Thursday, and found myself in conversation with the spouse of an artist friend of mine. I knew he was working at an MMO company, but I didn't know which - and he reveals he's working on Football Superstars, which I wasn't really aware of but seemed exciting and since it was available to download and play…

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Foot-to-ball MMO Proves Enticing

CyberSports have sent words that their foot-to-ball massively-multiplayer virtual world, Football Superstars, has now hit the 250,000 registrations mark. It's an interesting proposition, not unlike the quite-good-and-similarly-free-to-play Empire Of Sports, with players able to create their own ballists and then partake in games from 3-a-side up to full 11-a-side matches. Foot-to-ballists grow in competence over time allow you to increase "stats" as you "progress". And…

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