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BoneCraft: A Different Kind Of Grind

You have no idea how tricky getting SFW pics of this game was. Also, you probably don't care, do you?

Remember BoneTown? Now there’s more. BoneCraft is a game with balls, in more ways than one. It’s not just a World of Warcraft porn parody guest-starring cast of horny Starcraft-inspired marines. No, it’s a porn parody that goes so far out of its way to flick Blizzard’s nose, its developers D-Dub even hired the actor who played Tychus “You Are Hearing Mah Voice” Findlay to be its leading man.

But can it hope to provide the hottest elf-on-elf action since Teldrassil’s finest introduced a shocked looking Azeroth to the Wrath of the Licking? There’s only one way to find out. Two, if you include buying it. But reading on will be much, much safer for work.

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NSFW: Bonetown Demo: Hotttttttttt Coffee?

Suck my enormous circle with a sales encouragement on, bitch.

Always being ones to big-up progressive indie games we… actually, waitasec. Bonetown is probably the biggest budget true-porn game I’ve ever seen – hell, it’s even got Ron Jeremy in it. You can buy it from their site, and there’s a 500Mb demo. What is it? It’s basically GTA with all the automobiles swapped for autoeroticism. Clearly, I plan to get a review copy and get Leigh to play it. But until then, I’ve played it, taken screenshots and generally thrown it all beneath the cut with its Youtube videos.

The demo, as shown by the above screenshot, is censored. Which doesn’t stop it being the shortest game-start-to-full-frontal-nudity since The Longest Journey. Just a little less classy than a blue naked dude…
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