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Killed By A Heart Condition: Daily Mail Exploits Teen’s Death

Reacting every time the British Daily Mail posts one of its clickbaiting articles about videogames is a mistake. It brings the nasty, hypocritical rag the attention it so craves, letting it spread its hate further. But then there's a story like today's that is so revolting, so opportunistic, that a response is necessary. A place to point people toward if they've read it and are…

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Mail Implicates Unrelated Games In Tragedy?

Shaun C Green directed me at Nostalgia For Infinity picking up The Daily Mail reporting a story in a somewhat strange way. They report on the sad story of a woman apparently who neglected her children and let her dogs starve to death due to her obsession with the board-game Smallworld. Except, in addition to assets from the boardgame, they use an image of Warhammer…

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Warring Factions: Six Days In Fallujah Controversy

Oh videogames, when will you ever learn that you're not supposed to be about things? Your restrictions are thus: jumping on mushrooms, hitting a ball, and racing. But not racing to anywhere or from anything. Will you please control yourselves?Six Days In Fallujah is Konami's gaming interpretation of the gruesome 2004 battle in which 38 US troops, and 1200 insurgents were killed. Made by Atomic…

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