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Slasher’s Keep thrusts and lunges into Early Access

There's just something delightfully satisfying about a solid and tactile first-person dungeon crawl. Sneaking around danger, spotting traps with your own two eyes and shoving loot into your backpack en-masse and swinging your mouse around to bash in heads has been a compelling loop as far back as I can remember. The latest game to keep an eye on in this venerable sub-genre is Slasher's…

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The Many Downfalls Of QWOP: Double Hitler

File this one under 'physics-based alternate history biography' along with all the others in that particular pile. Double Hitler is a free browser game in which the player controls two toddlers wearing a large coat and pretending to be an adult. Rather than trying to sneak into a movie or dodging truancy punishments by pretending to be their own father, these little tykes decide to…

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