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How Everything conjures infinity with camera tricks


This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the inner workings of their games. This time, Everything [official site].

Everything is a game about everything. You can play as everything. Planets and hairs, whales and articulated buses. Pollen, spiral galaxies, tents, penguins – you get the picture. Within a few seconds, you might have moved from being a tardigrade floating on the microscopic scale all the way to being a sun hanging in a star-flecked universe. But the transitions, as you scale from from tardigrade to clump of grass to chimpanzee to forest to continent to planet to sun, feel remarkably smooth, even magical, reflecting the game’s core philosophical message: that everything is related and part of a whole, and that we are natural a part of it all too.

Under that smoothness lie a lot of design tricks by its creators, David O’Reilly and Damien Di Fede, all centred on something it’s very easy to take for granted:

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Mountain Creator Announces He’s Making… Everything

Working with Double Fine, David OReilly has announced his next project following 2014’s RPS-adored Mountain. And it’s called Everything [official site]. And appears to be promising… everything. A game in which you can play as everything in the game.

Announced as a PS4 exclusive, we poked Double Fine with the patented Rock, Paper, Shotgun Really Pointy Stick (RPSRPS) until they confessed that “exclusive” means “for a bit”, and that it will be coming to PC some time after the dangerously angular console. There are details and a trailer below.

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