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Wot I Think: Damnation


Damnation is the first release from Blue Omega Entertainment, a game that began as an Unreal 3 mod, then spotted by Codemasters was given a proper budget and developed into a full scale game. But how good a game? With excitable press releases and promises of being “the first vertical shooter”, and quite a bit of attention given to the ludicrous costumes, it sure caught our attention. Having finished it this afternoon, here’s wot I think.

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PSI Powered: New Damnation Info

Show us the bike riding on walls in-game!

Damnation may look as dumb as a box of rocks, but I’m looking forward to it. As the latest trailer – below – shows, it’s being made on an enormous scale with astounding amounts of detail. And if they can stick to promises that you can break through doors and windows, that’ll make getting around a lot more refreshing. The new bits and pieces shown today are about the enemy organisation, rather meekly called Prescott Standard Industries.

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Damnation Developer Commentary: Hot Damn?

You know, despite mocking underboob lady, I still searched for a screenshot of her, knowing that more people would find their eyes caught by her than a cowboy. This makes me a hypocrite. 11 years in magazines has taught me well.
What I know about Damnation can be pretty much summed up in two facts. Firstly, it’s got some kind of steampunky cowboy setting. Secondly, it’s got one of the most blatant examples of gaming underboob seen in recent times. What if I wanted to know more about how its development worked? Well, I could do journalism and go out hunting for RED HOT FACTS. Or I could embrace the aging corpse of Web2.0, sit on my soft buttocks and watch developer commentaries over footage. Join me, fellow fatties.
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Damnation: “Verticality”

Is that even a word? Apparently so. And it describes the way that Damnation‘s levels have a good deal of height and vertiginous ladder-scrambling to them, as well as being the main theme for this most recent trailer. I have to say it’s a bit of a mixed bag: the environments do look incredible, and there’s some real thought gone into making the Steampunk Wild West theme as spectacular as it should be… and then the shooting just comes off as a bit limp. Nevertheless, it’s worth taking a look – Damnation has an agreeable amount of insanity to it.

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Damnation – Keeping Its Cards To Its Ample Chest

Show us some of this bit!

The first trailer for breast-physics-defying Damnation has appeared, splicing together lots of cutscenes, but with a miniscule glimpse of some in-game footage. Sadly there’s nothing in there to demonstrate the promised open environments, acrobatics, vehicular stunts, or high-running antics and le Parkour properties that make the game sound so enticing. See it for yourself below.

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Damnation: Fashion Advice

Heavens lady.

You may remember when Codemasters put out their press release for the Damnation announcement, we felt inclined to mock it everso slightly. Codies responded in generous good humour, leading to this madness. Well now some more screenshots have appeared, and as excellent fun as this game looks like it could be, there’s some more mocking to come.

Specifically about the above.

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Damnation: Exclusive Artwork, Compo & Chat!

It's all about the hats.

You may remember a couple of weeks back we were overwhelmed by the depths of enthusiasm in a press release for Codemasters’ Damnation. It seems our mocking was taken in the best of humour, and Codies got in touch with us offering a chance to speak to the man responsible, PR Man Sam Cordier.

“Only if you give us some exclusive assets and a compo prize!” we replied, with our signature arrogance*. Well, they’ve finally broken and given us some Damnation art work you won’t find anywhere else. Click on the pics for full size versions.

Right, so if you want yourself a copy of Codies’ Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, you can win it by emailing us the best 15-word max sentence celebrating Rock, Paper, Shotgun with as many superlatives as possible. (Include your address and real-life name, all rules we make up apply whenever we think of them.)

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Putting The “Daaaayyaamn” In Damnation

It always makes me shudder slightly when a game is announced as “a new franchise”. First of all, look at you, Mr Big Head. We’ll just see if it’s a franchise after you’ve made the first one, shall we? And secondly, God, have some passion… Oh, it appears that’s exactly what Codemasters had planned for the rest of the announcement for their new game, Damnation.

(Click on the pics for full size impressiveness. They really do look rather spectacular.)

The oddly peach looking game promises to be the evolution of the shooter, the next generation of gaming, and the future of the planet’s hopes for freedom and peace. Some of these statements are lies I’ve made up. But see below for quite how excited Codies are about this.

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