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Dangerous Golf Feels Like An Early Access Game Not A Finished Product

I’ve been whiling away some pleasant hours smashing up stately homes and gas stations around the world in Dangerous Golf [official site]. But although I’m having an okay time spilling and crashing my way through a global tour, I’m not in love with the game. Heck, I’m not even a hundred percent sure I’ve mastered all of what’s going on.

Okay, so. As you may have worked out from the screenshot at the top, this is not a game about neat putting greens and polite clapping. This is an arcadey minigolf idea which hinges around using the ball to smash up as much of a given room or area as possible – the Burnout Crash mode of adventure golf, which is fitting given its developers’ origins. You can earn more points through things like combos or hitting particular objects or smashing hidden bottles as well as trick shots and so on.

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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Alice is still on holiday, not back till Monday, which means it falls to me to do the terrible duty this week of asking and telling: what are we all playing this weekend? Read on for the optimistic lies we tell ourselves.

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Destructo-Sport: Dangerous Golf Out, Requires Xbox Pad

Dangerous Golf [official site] is a game about smashing environments to pieces using the traditional weaponry of club ‘n’ ball, as seen in sporting competition all around the world. In this version of the game known as golf, you’ll leave the greens behind and set to work smashing kitchens, castles and convenience stores. Developed by new studio Three Fields, which is led Criterion co-founders Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, the game is now out on PS4, Xbone and PC. It’s the PC release we’re interested in, of course, and Dangerous Golf has landed somewhat in the rough thanks to a lack of mouse and keyboard support.

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Dangerous Golf Announced By Ex-Criterion Devs


Say those two words aloud with me now and notice the smiles we’ve broken into. Dangerous Golf [official site]. Yeah, that’s the stuff. And this is before I even mention that it’s a golf game about smashing things. Or that makers Three Fields Entertainment were founded by the co-founders of Criterion Games and include a fair few folks who worked on Burnout and other games with exciting collisions and explosions.


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