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Robots And Traffic Cones In New Puzzler Redirection

Redirection [official site] is a newly-released 3D puzzle game built around guiding a robot crew that’s been stranded in space. You wouldn’t have to tell me that’s the point of the game to get me to help them, though, because it’s all in their eyes. They look genuinely terrified and/or helpless. I can tell this just from their blank expressions. Yes, I know they’re robots and that’s kind of impossible and no, I don’t care. You want to make sure the poor little robots get back to safety, right? Do you want to leave them there so they can rust into oblivion? Didn’t think so. Read the rest of this entry »

Direct Your Attention Towards Redirection

Everything you own in a box to the left.

Rezzed 2014 was a place where games were crammed into every corner, even some that weren’t scheduled to be there. Daniel Ratcliffe, creator of Minecraft mods ComputerCraft and qCraft, sat on the floor to the left of the Leftfield Collection to show me his puzzle game Redirection. It’s a maze game in the Stephen “increpare” Lavelle mould in which you place blocks to re-shape paths and direct robots towards objectives.

There is now a block in front of you. Rotate and continue below, where there’s a video and I’ll attempt to explain its appeal a little more.

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