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Papercraft point & clicker Dark Train is free today

Dark Train

It’s been a long time since we’ve covered Dark Train, a┬ástrange papercraft point-and-click adventure. Originally launched this time last year, it scooped up some awards along the way, but has otherwise flown low under the radar.

To celebrate its first anniversary, Czech developer Paperash Studio have decided to make the game free on, giving us a chance to explore its bizarre worlds within worlds from the perspective of a mechanical squid.

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All Aboard! The Mysterious Dark Train

All aboard! I think.

For my sins, I’ve ridden the last train more times than I care to remember, finding spots between drunks about to kick off and drunks about to spew up and pretending to sleep. I’ve ridden the ghost train, petulantly ignoring the prancing employee in the glowing skeleton suit because I thought it made me cool and not just rude. I’ve certainly rocked out to Nite Train. I know trains, I’m saying. But what even is Dark Train? An unknown oddity you might fancy puzzling over in this here trailer:

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