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Respecced: Forge Will Be Free-To-Play

One day, all of this will be free.
The skill of being a human being is to allow the correct thought to escape at the correct time. I have many thoughts that I don’t tell people about, because the UK has hilarious laws against libel, treason, and terrorism, and the courts probably couldn’t keep up with my awful brain. But when I’m not planning all the terrorism, I do think about games. One thought I had when I played the MMO-inspired action game Forge was that it would probably be better as a free-to-play game. Now Forge has hastily scrubbed over its price-tag and scrawled ‘free’ in biro, and I’m terrified at my other thoughts being given form.
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I Want My PVP: Forge Launches

If I arranged to meet an MMO for a blind date in a crowded cafĂ© or bar, chances are I’d end up in an awkward situation, smiling and half-nodding at every MMO that walks past in case it’s the one that’s expecting me. “Hi, you must be Forge?” I’d say, before realising I was talking to a bloody panda or high-ranking member of the Illuminati. Then I’d leave without ever meeting the PVP-centred potential love of my life. Thankfully, Forge’s developers have released a video to coincide with its release, hoping that people will pick up on a distinguishing feature or two. Let’s see what we can see.

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I’m Too Tired To Think Of A Pun: First Forge Footage

Skeleton got a paintjob!
Honestly! And forge is a great word, too. Connotations of making, metal, fire – all sorts of fertile stuff. I think the pun lobe of my brain must have burned out. Perhaps they’ll grow me a new one in the vats. Anyway, Forge is a new online action title that developers Dark Vale claim “plays like a third-person shooter, but with the abilities, strategy and pacing of the best MMO PvP titles.” Make of that what you will. Dark Vale apparently want this to be a skill-based antidote to the usual grind-biff of MMOs.

There’s a trailer below, so you can examine the fancy Unreal-powered mechanisms in motion: a bunch of people storming big fortress-temple environments and so forth. There’s certainly a lot going on: bad dudes getting set on fire and all that good stuff. It perhaps goes without saying that the project has an attendant Kickstarter, asking for a mighty $300k. Will you pledge?
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