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Rescue History! Darkest Of Days Launch Trailer

I rather like this low-key trailer that accompanies today's release of Darkest Of Days. The completely bonkers shooter can now be bought from the likes of Steam, sending you through time to fix the broken bits of history. Its premise is so splendidly insane, recreating realistic weaponry to match the battle, and then letting you loose with a modern (or even futuristic) weapon to mow…

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Distorting Dimensions: Darkest Of Days Demo

We mentioned the time travelling madness of Darkest Of Days yesterday - the game in which you travel through history, undoing the damage another naughty temporal traveller has done, ensuring certain people live, while many others are mowed down by completely inappropriate weapons. Well now you can see it for yourself via the pleasures of a demonstration module.

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Romans, Meet Rockets: Darkest Of Days

The completely brilliant/insane idea behind Darkest Of Days is getting to time travel through various famous conflicts from the past, and mow everyone down with a machine gun. You see, the problem with guns in the Olden Days is they were rubbish. Only capable of firing one shot at a time, or very poor at targeting at a long range, they were such a faff…

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Darkest Of Days

The official website for upcoming time-travel shooter Darkest Of Days has been launched. The site includes an introductory video and some other assets, as well as the news that the game will feature epic-scale battles with dozens of enemies and allies in the same environment. (As illustrated by those American Civil War battle scenes.) Here's what they're saying about it:In Darkest of Days, players will…

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