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The MMOnitor: Darkwind – War on Wheels

By day Sam Redfern is a mild-mannered IT lecturer at the National University of Ireland in Galway. But at night, he creates and maintains his own one-man apocalyptic vehicle MMO. It’s called Darkwind: War on Wheels and consists of a two-tier game, with a web interface for social and economic interaction and a 3D racing/shooting action engine. We caught up with him to find out how he copes with the project on his own.
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I Like Dying In My Car: Darkwind

Three Point turning in a dark future is tricky.

Darkwind is an indie-MMO thing I’ve been meaning to look at which I’m just going to post (Jim tried, but the login system was failing then – seems to be okay now). Hail Shaun, who’s been pretty insistent in shouting about it. It’s basically a turn-based vehicular game. Think Car Wars or – if you’re terminally games-workshoppy – Dark Future. Or, if you’re Shaun: “Think of the tabletop game Car Wars having sex with EVE Online, then doing a threesome with Autoduel and Auto Assault, and finally making out with Football Manager”. Crikey, Shaun. Why don’t you just make out with it with tongues and everything? I’ll investigate when my schedule opens up a little, but until then, here’s some footage…
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