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Downside Up: Binary Boy Is Quite A Clever Thing

I generally pick screenshots based on either a) accuracy of representation of in-game content or b) squids.

Up is down! Left is right! Cats and dogs are not only getting married, but have also pushed the concept into a far more socially progressive realm than the whole of Western civilization! Oh wait, no. Sorry. Only that first thing’s actually true, and even then, just in Binary Boy. But – while probably not an adequate substitute for grand societal upheaval that leaves our mundane modern malaise a hazy memory – it’s an impressively intelligent little sidescroller. While appearances may suggest a retro platformer, there’s actually no platforming involved, and the sadly brief journey ends up in some gasp-inducingly¬†psychedelic¬†places. Basically, Binary Boy’s not what you’re expecting it to be, and it’s almost certainly better.

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