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Black Desert Online’s Free Mediah Expansion Launched

When we sent Steven Messner into Black Desert Online [official site], he came out gushing about the MMORPG… then telling us how to build a production empire. It was not a small game, and it quickly became even bigger only a month after launch. Last week saw the release of the ‘Mediah’ expansion, a huge free update adding the eponymous new region to make the world about 30% larger – with all the new quests, bosses, items, and so on you’d expect from that.

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Black Desert Online Arrives On Western Shores

Earlier this year, Black Desert Online [official site] released a free standalone version of its sophisticated character creation suite and the results at RPS Towers were quite horrifying. Today, the Korean MMORPG has finally made it westward and you can check its launch trailer after the drop.

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